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Strips for noise protection panels

Strips for noise protection panels

Noise barriers are becoming more and more popular in modern highway construction as protection against the high level of noise on high capacity travel routes near residential areas. With its low weight, superior sound absorption and attractive appearance aluminium is often the material of choice for customized project solutions in many European countries.

Technical specification

Alloy: EN AW 3105

Temper: H22 / H24


Thickness: 1.0mm - 1.5mm

Width: 250mm - 1500mm

Coil sizes

Inner diameter: 400, 500mm

Core: without

Outer diameter: max. 1500mm

Special conditions

Thickness tolerance: 1/2 EN.
Surface: mill finish or stucco embossed.
Chemical composition according to EN 573-3.
Mechanical properties according to EN 485-2.
Dimensions and tolerances according to EN 485-4.