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Strips for heat shields

Strips for heat shields

With its specific physical properties – reflectivity, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance – aluminium is the perfect heat shield material offering excellent protection against excessive exhaust system heat. Alloy 1050A in soft temper is widely used for its good formability, adequate corrosion resistance and energy absorption providing for ease of fabrication and good performance.

Technical specification

Alloy: EN AW 1050A

Temper: O


Thickness: 0.4mm - 1.0mm

Width: 400mm - 1300mm

Coil sizes

Inner diameter: 400, 500mm

Core: without

Outer diameter: max. 1500mm

Special conditions

Suitable for deep drawing.
Chemical composition according to EN 573-3.
Mechanical properties according to EN 485-2.
Dimensions and tolerances according to EN 485-4.