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Extruded products

September 6, 2014
Extruded products

We offer three standard types of packaging. We are also able to design a packaging best suiting your needs or pack the profiles according to your instructions.

Packaging profiles 2

Manual packaging

The materials used are corrugated cardboard or polyethylene on the outside, and interleaving paper between the profiles. Wooden frames are placed on all sides, secured with a metal or plastic band in order to ensure stability of the package during transport and handling.
The arrangement of the profiles inside the package is according to customer’s requirements.

Packaging profiles

Semi-automatic packaging

Profiles are arranged manually, separated by interleaving paper or carton strips. On the outside the package is fully wrapped in stretch-foil, applied by the automatic packing line.
In addition, wooden bars are placed on top and underneath the package, which are also secured with stretch foil. The distance between the individual wooden bars is adjusted to the length of each package, providing easy handling and transportation stability.

Automatic packaging

Profiles are packed entirely on the automatic line, wrapped in stretch foil individually or arranged in small bundles. On the outside the package is fully wrapped in stretch-foil. Similar to the semi-automatic packaging wooden bars are placed on top and underneath the package and secured with stretch foil.


All types of packaging are designed for easy handling and unloading by forklift and crane.