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The awards for the competition “Industry in my Region” were given

June 1, 2017
The awards for the competition “Industry in my Region” were given

The awards in the competition “Industry in my Region” were given to the distinguished pupils on Children`s Day during a formal ceremony held at the dancing hall of the Youth Center.

76 pupils from different schools in Shumen participated in the competition which was held for a second time in Bulgaria. It was organized by Sofia University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy and by Bulgarian Association of Metallurgical Industry. The initiative was held under the patronage of Lyubomir Hristov, Mayor of the municipality. Alcomet AD was sponsor of the event.

The artworks were evaluated by a jury with chairman Assoc. Prof. Eng. Rosina Yordanova and members – Assoc. Prof. Eng. Georgi Chernev, Assoc. Prof. Svetla Yankova. They examined the essay and the artist Panteley Yankov joined the jury to help with drawing selection.

Fikret Ince, Chairman of Supervisory board of Alcomet Ad; Liubomir Hristov, Mayor of Shumen; and Politimi Paunova, Executive director of Bulgarian Association of Metallurgical Industry together with members of the jury gave the awards to the best pupils.

“I am very happy to be here. Let me greet all these nice children with their celebration. You are our future. I am glad that you have ideas for the future and the industry. I do hope when you grow up, dear children, to be educated, to be our engineers and to develop the industry together with us”, Fikret Ince greeted the participants. He added that he desired that this competition became a tradition in Shumen.

Mayor Liubomir Hristov also greeted the organizers and participants. “Such a competition is a great fit for our city and I hope it will become a tradition. I want to express my gratitude to organizers and participants. Let me assure you that it will not take many years until Shumen becomes the industrial center of Northeast Bulgaria”, Liubomir Hristov said. He underlined that three new factories will be build till the end of the year and three more are planned for the coming years.

“I would like to especially thank Mr. Fikret Ince for his dedication in what he is doing. He is one of the people who support professional and dual training in our region. I hope that we will continue to cooperate in future”, Liubomir Hristov said.

Assoc. Prof. Eng.Rozina Yordanova greeted everyone on behalf of the Rector and the academic community from The University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy. She thanked for the hospitality of Shumen Municipality and Alcomet AD. “The results from the competition are impressive. We manage to provoke your ideas and imagination. Dear students, thank you that you took the challenge and showed such good results”, Rozina Yordanova said to the pupils.

The participants in the competition “Industry in my Region” were divided into three groups: from fifth to eight grade and from ninth to twelfth grade who were writing an essay on this topic and kids from first to fourth grade who participated with drawings.

First prize for drawings for the youngest group of pupils (1-4 grade) was received by Georgi Vladimirov Postharov at the age of 7 from the Iliya R. Blaskov school. Stanimira Bisserova Todorova, eleven years old from the art school at the CCRT-ODK, took the second place and the third prize was awarded to Beloslava Boyanova Bogdanova at the age of 10 from Iliya R. Blaskov school.

First prize for the pupils from 5-8 class took Esil Nadi, who is in 8th grade in Petar Beron school, second prize was given to Rumyana Mladenova, 7th grade in Nancho Popovich high school and third prize went to Kremena Ignatova, 6th grade from Petar Beron school.

Winner in the eldest group was Alexandra Petkova who is in 9th grade in Prof. Doc. Asen Zlatarov school. Second prize was for Rafet Ismailov, 10th grade in Professional high school of Economy and third prize was given to Nataliya Yosifova, 9th grade in Nancho Popovich high school.

All children received iPads from Alcomet as well as Almanah containing all artworks of the participants in the competition.