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Alcomet with prize for sustainable development and innovation in manufacturing

February 23, 2016
Alcomet with prize for sustainable development and innovation in manufacturing

The lavish ceremony for the annual awards for “Company of the year 2015” took place on Wednesday at Balkan hotel in Sofia. The most appreciated award category is industry and Alcomet AD was given the distinction for “Sustainable development and innovations in manufacturing”. The award was given by the Minister of Economy Bozhidar Lukarski to the Chairman of Supervisory Board – Fikret Ince. Fikret Ince showed her appreciation to the event organizers and shared that this award shows the excellence of all the company employees. “We hope that in the future we will continue to maintain the high level for which we were distinguished”, Fikret Ince said to the numerous ceremony attendees.
The award ceremony was held by “Business Lady” magazine under the leadership of Tomislav Donchev who is a Vise Minister of European Funds and Economic Policy. Formal partners were the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce, Bulgarian Forum of Business Leaders, German-Bulgarian Industrial and Commercial Chamber and Insurance and Finance College.
Nineteen companies, institutions and medias received formal appreciation for their effective efforts in developing their human resources, sustainable development, innovative management, constant quality increase of products offered, market position and so on.

Formal ceremony guests were the Minister of Economy Bozhidar Lukarski, Vice Minister of Labour and Social Policies Zornitsa Rusinova, Chairman of BTPP Tsvetan Simeonov; Managing Director of Agency for Encouraging MCP Marieta Zaharieva; Managing Director of Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum Georgi Ruychev; Managing Director of Transplant Agency d-r Mariyana Simeonova and others. All they presented awards to some of the distinguished companies.

The aim of “Company of the year” awards is to popularize the good business practices , to popularize the successful industry standards globally and locally, to drag public attention on innovative and actual models for managing business and companies and encourage the enterpreneuship in Bulgaria.

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