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Maternity ward of Shumen receives a modern 4D echograph

June 25, 2015
Maternity ward of Shumen receives a modern 4D echograph

Maternity Ward of Shumen Hospital for Active Treatment already has a 4D ultrasound machine for diagnosing in real time. The echograph was purchased with funds from Alcomet.

On 16th of June Dr. Julia Dimitrova – Director of the hospital and Dr. Ivaylo Balabanov – Chief of Maternity ward received the donation.

“You know what is the major problem in Bulgaria – fewer children have been born. I hope to inspire courage in the young generation of Shumen to have more babies. I hope that this new equipment will operate under the control of these specialists and help the citizens” said the Chairperson of Supervisory board of Alcomet – Fikret Ince.

“Certainly, this is the biggest donation our ward has received. Equipment from such class is essential for a maternity ward to operate properly. Thanks to its functions, it enables a more rapid and accurate diagnosis. This is the first 4D machine in our hospital” said Dr. Balabanov.

“We consider Mr. Ince our friend, because only a friend may support the hospital so consistently and with humanity. Once again I express my sincere gratitude”, said Julia Dimitrova and reminded, that Alcomet already donated to the hospital a dialysis machine, apparatus for photo treatment for the neonatology ward, as well as funds for the repair of the building of the LEDC.

The LOGIQ 6 system is produced by the leader in medical equipment manufacturing – GE Healthcare. It represents the latest generation of high-performance ultrasound systems and costs 29 000 euro.