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Alcomet won an award for Best IT Project in the Industry field for 2017

February 22, 2018
Alcomet won an award for Best IT Project in the Industry field for 2017

Alcomet`s project was distinguished as the best in the industry field during the 14th traditional competition held by “Computerworld Bulgaria” and ICT Media. “IT Project of the Year” award ceremony was held on February 21st, 2017 at Gand Hotel Sofia.

25 IT Projects were part of the intense competition and 11 of them were realized by the public sector and the remainder of them were done by corporations. This year the jury awarded winners in 9 categories, including “Central Administration”, “Municipality Administration”, “Healthcare”, “Education”, “Transport and Logistics”, “Industry”, “Banks”, “IT and Outsourcing” and “Telecommunication and Public Services”. The 10th and special award was chosen by the members of the Commission for Innovative Technologies.

Alcomet`s Project called “Migration to Microsoft Navigation 2017, implementation of APS system and MES solution” received the majority of votes in “Industry” category. The project was realized by the Alcomets` experts together with Siemens Preactor and an external partner. The award was given to Georgi Apostolov, Manager of “Information Services” Alcomet, by Tsvetan Simeonov, Chairman of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Upon receiving the award, Apostolov said that this topic is very important for all Bulgarian manufacturers and that the award is an appreciation for the hard work of all the whole project team of the company. He also appraised the organizers for making such projects more popular in Bulgaria.


“Our project started a year ago and will continue for at least one more year. It is very positive that we can already not just explain but also show the integration of our old industrial system into MES ERP. Everyone interested is invited to come and see for themselves. More important for me is that all Bulgarian manufacturers realize that they must digitalize their production and it does not matter whether they will use our solution or something else. If they do not do this, the market will make them do it. They should not wait and then react under the pressure of the market but do it as soon as possible”, said Georgi Apostolov.

“Thank you for making me a part of this important event for the Bulgarian economics. BTPP has been familiar with Alcomet, its owner and its team since years. The company deserves this award because they demonstrate sustainable development and I am sure that they will have lots of success in the future. I sincerely wish them so. As a sign that this award is really deserved we will provide 360 degree shooting of the company which will make it one of the first companies to be a part of the digital map of the Bulgarian business”, said Tsvetan Simeonov when presenting the award.