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Alcomet with certificate for investment class “A”

January 23, 2017
Alcomet with certificate for investment class “A”

The Deputy Minister of the Economy, Daniela Vezieva, handed three certificates for investment class “A” under the Law for Investment Encouragement during an official ceremony conducted in the Ministry of Economy. The certificates were given for projects of Alcomet AD, Kronoshpan Bulgaria EOOD and Vetprom AD. Total amount of the planned project investments is 133.1 mio BGN and the expectation is that they will create over 200 new employment possibilities.

Deputy Minister Vezieva outlined that all three projects are for manufacturing and they are planning an increase in production capacity. She noticed as a positive trend that the certified projects are related to the expansion of existing activities of affirmed Bulgarian and international companies in the country. “This is an attestation that Bulgaria is a good place for investments. I hope that these certificates will support the export activities of these companies”, added Vezieva.

According to the Deputy Minister of Economy enterprises will benefit from incentives such as shorter deadlines for administrative services under Art. 21 of the Law on Investment Encouragement, individual administrative services necessary for the realization of investment project and financial support for training in acquiring professional qualification, including trainees from universities in the country, occupying the new jobs.

Alcomet received a certificate for investment class A for the project “Increasing production capacity and production efficiency” which is to be realized in the municipality of Shumen. The company is one of the leading manufacturers of aluminium rolled and extruded products in the Balkans. The investment value is 69 000 000 BGN with project release time 2 years. Its further impact will be related to opening 100 new positions in the company. Semih Baturay – member of the Alcomet Management board said that the project would include new production line and press for aluminium extrusions. “With the opening of 100 new working position, the total number of the workers in the company will increase to 1000”, concluded Semih Baturay.

The second certified project belongs to Kronoshpan Bulgaria EOOD and is called “Increase of production capacity for manufacturing chipboards and MDF”. Total capital and operation investment value for the life of the project is 42 600 000 BGN.

The investment project of “Vetprom” AD called “Pharmaceutical Manufacturing for human and veterinary medicine” was also distinguished with certificate class “A”. The project will be realized in the city of Radomir, Pernik region, and has total investment amount of 21 500 000 BGN.