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Traditional sports event of Alcomet

May 18, 2013
Traditional sports event of Alcomet

For the seventh time in a row, the long waited event – the Sports Day of Alcomet, took place in the area of the Old Fortress, on the Shumen plateau. The main idea of holding this festival is uniting Alcomet Employees, just like a family does. And, thus the Sport festival, being part of the social policy of the Company, followes the Alcomet tradion.

As usual, the event is specially organized by the Management Body for the Alcomet employees and their families. As for the youngest Alcomet representatives, their children, there was a special person who was taking care for them, and at the same time keeping them jolly.

Dancers from folk company “Veselyache” opened officially the festival.

The Sport Day, itself, turned into a picnic, accopmanied by nice musical atmosphere, excited competinions in volleyball, football, pulling of a rope and darts.

The winners in the different competitions were given special awards and certificates, while the rest of the people were enjoyng the sun, in a joyfully mood, widely smiling.