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Alcomet with awards in the National Sports Competition

September 28, 2014
Alcomet with awards in the National Sports Competition

Representatives of Alcomet AD participated in Nineteenth National Sport Competition of the Metalworkers in Bulgaria. The event took place between 3 rd to 7 th of September 2014 in Albena Resort. Competitors participated in the following disciplines: football, volleyball, tennis, table tennis, swimming, chess, bridge, tug of war and petanque. Male and female teams participated in all sport matches.

After a hard race, the team of Alcomet took the honorary third place in the final complex standings, with 135 points. Respectively, “Aurubis” – Pirdop, with 141 points were the winners, and with only 1 point difference, KCM- Plovdiv – were on the second place, with 140 points.

And the awards for the first places of Alcomet AD go to:

– Football /Women/;

– Swimming – relay-race /women /;

– Swimming – individual /women/ – Elizaveta Yordanova;

– Table Tennis – team-women;

– Table tennis – /2 women/ – Joanna Jeleva and Mariana Marinova;

– Table tennis – individual /women/ – Joanna Jeleva;

– Tug of war /female/

• Awards for the second places go to:

– Football /men/;

– Volleyball /Women/;

– Swimming – Relay-race /men/;

– Swimming – individual /men/ – Nikolay Lalovski;

– Table tennis – individual / women / – Mariana Marinova;

– Petanque /men/ – Dimo Dimov;

• Awards for the third places go to:

– Volleyball /men/;

– Chess /male and female/;

– Bridge /men/;

– Swimming – individual /men/ – Plamen Mitev;

– Tennis – Team /Women/;

– Tennis – individual /women/ – Leyla Bozova;

– Petanque /women/ – Irina Todorova;

– Tug of war-men

Dobri Atanstasov, the famous sport journalist of Darik Radio led the official awarding ceremony, on which the winners received trophies, medals and cash prizes.