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Alcomet donates last generation equipment to hospital of Shumen

April 29, 2016
Alcomet donates last generation equipment to hospital of Shumen

Shumen Hospital for Active Treatment already has a biochemical analyzer for the needs of the clinical laboratory, and autoclavable drill for the Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology. The equipment was handed in on 27th of April by Ficret Ince, Chairman of Supervisory Board of Alcomet AD.

The equipment costs 69 846 BGN.

The biochemical analyzer, model AU480 of the US company Beckman Coulter, can process 80 samples simultaneously, of which 22 emergency. The device is the latest generation and possesses one of the most extensive menus for the Study of 130 indicators in the field of biochemical analysis. Its work with permanent quartz cuvettes allowes using several times smaller amount of reagent and achieving extremely low cost.

“I assure you that the donated equipment will be used professionally for the benefit of patients, for higher quality of diagnosis and treatment and lower general expenses. The technical characteristics of this equipment are a guarantee that the results of the tests will have exclusive reliability and low cost, so we will improve patient care, “said hospital director Dr. Atanas Atanasov, stressing that this is the largest donation by value, which the hospital received.

“I’m sure Dr. Atanasov and his colleagues will continue to take best care for our patients. Our partnership will continue in the future. I strongly hope that the level of Bulgarian health care will soon reach the level of European. I wish you success”, said Fikret Ince.