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Corporate Governance

ALCOMET AD is a public joint-stock company with a two-tier management system, including Supervisory Board and Management Board. The members of the management bodies are elected for a 5-year mandate.

The Supervisory Board consists of 7 members elected by the General Meeting of Shareholders. As of 30.05.2012, members of the Supervisory Board are:
1. Fikret Ince – Chairman
2. Fikret Kuzucu – Vice Chairman
3. Hristo Todorov Dechev
4. Branimir Mladenov Mladenov
5. Osman Kerem Kuzucu
6. Bekir Yudzhel
7. Semih Korai

The Management Board consists of 5 members elected by the Supervisory Board. As of 20.01.2016, members of the Management Board are:
1. Huseyin Yorucu – Chairman
2. Huseyin Umut Ince – Vice Chairman
3. Semih Baturay
4. Neli Kancheva Toncheva

5. Bulent Karakoc
The Company’s Corporate Governance Policy guarantees:

1. Protection of key shareholders’ rights;
2. Equal treatment of all shareholders, including minority and non-resident shareholders;
3. Protection of stakeholders’ rights and encouragement of effective cooperation between the Company and its stakeholders to provide welfare, open job positions and ensure sustainable development;
4. Timely and accurate disclosure of information on all issues related to the Company, including its financial position, performance, ownership and production operations;
5. Strategic corporate governance, efficient control on the activities of the Management Board and its accountability to the Supervisory Board, the Company and the shareholders.