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22.10.2010   “Alcomet AD” would like to inform their shareholders and society that during the implementation of the announced investment intentions, the company concludes a deal with the Italian Company “MINO” S.p.A at 7.5 mln.Euro. The investment includes a production and installation of a new intermediate rolling mill for rolling of strips and foils. The new mill will be provided with automatic system; with a filtration system for purification of oil aerosols of the organized emissions, spread in the air; with a filtrating system of the rolling oil, cooling system and system for decreasing the levels of the noise. 
 The investment realization aims at increasing the performance of the foil products, decreasing of the product cost, product quality improvement, creating necessary conditions for producing high quality products, and improvement and establishing the position of the company on the European Market of the foil products.
For the last 9 months of 2010, the company fulfilled over 35 thousand tons production, costing 166 million BGN, which compared to the same period for the previous year, is with 39 % higher.

The Management Board of ALCOMET AD informs the shareholders holding shares as at 11.11.2005 and having non-exercised rights to subscribe shares of the 2005 capital increase that the amounts from the sale of non-exercised rights in an open auction in the regulated market of BSE will be paid as of 03.04.2006.
Shareholders may receive the amounts in person or through a person authorized with notarized power of attorney each business day between 9.00 h and 16.00 h in the Legal Department on the 5th floor of the administrative building of the Company with address: 2nd Industrial Zone, 9700 Shumen. Deadline for payment of due amounts: 02.04.2011

03.05.2010 Alcomet AD reports 19% growth in the  sales at annual base up to 45.4 millions BGN  for the first three months of year 2010
The production volume goes up with 5.13 to 9.83 thousands tones, as 94% of them are for export. The leader  in the sales is Germany-29.86%, followed by Poland -15.49%, Italy -13.32%, France -6.68%, Denmark-6.04 and the last position is for Bulgaria-5.46%.
“At the present market situation, with world economic  and financial crisis, the average 3 277 tons monthly manufactured and sold products is a good indicator for good competition level of  company’s products on the chosen markets and the increase by 5.13 % sold products, comparing to the same period of year 2009 is a sigh of the start of revival on both International and local markets.”-says the Company’s Report
The Company has 82 shareholders juridical persons with 97.97% shares and 2 694 shareholders physical persons with 2.03% shares. Alumetal AD possesses 73.25%, FAF Metal AS -16.86% and Alians Bulgaria-1.59%.
For the last 12 months the shares go up with 112.22% up to 3.3 BGN per share and 59.2 mln BGN market capitalization

02.02.2010  ALCOMET AD with over BGN 2 million profit for the last quarter of 2009
The net profit of the company for the last quarter of 2009 amounts to BGN 2.059 million, whereas for the same period in 2008 the company was BGN 2.319 million at a loss.
In 2009, 92% of the total volume of manufactured produce was for export, whereas the biggest share was for Germany (31%). The products with the biggest share of sales are household foil (36%) and profiles (28%).
Sales of extruded products mark a drop of 13% due to the crises in the construction sector and the automotive industry.
Hot-rolling products registered growth of 5.8% compared to 2008. The share of sold foundry blanks goes sharply down compared to 2008, due to the change in the company’s policy regarding the sale of such products.
In 2009, the company made profit amounting to BGN 1.005 million. This is mainly due to the low price of the main raw material (aluminum), the successful hedging, where the negative divergence of currency exchange rates’ fluctuations decreased by 50%, the reduction of financial costs for circulation means, the price decrease
of natural gas by about 33%, the optimization of stock-in-trade, staffing and labor costs.

 11.01.2010 ALCOMET AD reports its first annual growth of sales on monthly basis
In December 2009, the Company realized sales of finished products for BGN 11 million compared to BGN 9 million in December 2008, reporting growth of 22% on annual basis. Materially expressed, the growth of sales of finished products is 76.80%.
In 2009, the Company realized a total volume of sales for BGN 160,51 million, including sales of 40 273 tons of foil, profile strips, sheets, pipes, bars and other products from aluminium and aluminium alloys.
As of the beginning of 2010, the price per share of the Company has risen by 6.29%, reaching BGN 3.04 and total market capitalization of BGN 51.3 million.

08.12.2009 ALCOMET AD reports no fall in sales on annual basis
reports no fall in sales on annual basis, the income from sales realized in November 2009 being BGN 15 million as in November 2008. Over the eleven months of 2009, the Company realized income from sales of BGN 149.5 million or 37 636 tons of finished products.
Over the last three months, the price per share of the Company rose by 29.48%, reaching BGN 3 and total market capitalization of BGN 53.9 million.

05.11.2009 ALCOMET AD celebrated the Metallurgists’ Day and the 10th Anniversary of its privatization.

10.11.2009 ALCOMET AD reports sales for BGN 13.3 million for October
In October 2009, the Company realized sales for BGN 13.3 million, the total volume of finished products produced over the month being 3 735 tons.
Over the third quarter, the price per share of the Company rose by 36.06%, reaching BGN 2.77 and total market capitalization of BGN 46.6 million.

30.10.2009 ALCOMET AD reports profit of BGN 819 thousand for the third quarter
Over the third quarter, ALCOMET AD gained profit of BGN 819 thousand in contrast to the first and second quarters of the year when the Company reported losses of BGN 1.5 million and BGN 345 thousand respectively.
The net sales income for the nine months of the year is BGN 119,342 million, a total of 30 127 tons of finished products being produced over the same period.
The Company reports operating profit for the nine months (EBITA) of BGN 8 million.
On the last day of October, the price per share of the Company rose by 8%, reaching BGN 3.14.

03.09.2009 There was held an extraordinary session of the General Meeting of Shareholders of ALCOMET AD, which made decisions on some amendments to the
Articles of Incorporation of the Company, increase in the number of members of the Management Board and election of the required number of members of the Supervisory

31.07.2009 ALCOMET AD reports a fall in loss for the second quarter
ALCOMET AD reports a loss of BGN 345 million for the second quarter of 2009 compared to BGN 1.5 million for the first quarter.
Over the first half, the Company realized sales income of BGN 77.535 million and produced a total volume of finished products of 19.478 thousand tons.
The Company reports operating profit for the first half (EBITA) of BGN 4.161 million.
Equipment was purchased from closed works in France and Spain. Equipment for the needs of the Rolling Unit of the works was purchased from closed works in Australia.
The Management of the Company has planned to invest BGN 7.2 million by the end of 2009.

03.07.2009 ALCOMET AD reports purchase of new equipment and production growth of 28% on monthly basis
In implementation of Investment Program 2008-2009, the Company commenced installation works related to a line for coating and additional rolls procession, a machine for longitudinal roll cutting and a filter press for sediments procession. A total investment exceeding BGN 330 thousand was made as to this equipment.
The volume of products produced in June reports a growth of 27.7% compared to the previous month. The total volume of finished products sold in the different markets over the second quarter of 2009 reports a growth of 8.7% compared to the first quarter.
Over the second quarter, the price per share of the Company rose by 18%, reaching BGN 1.61 and total market capitalization of BGN 28.9 million.

29.06.2009 ALCOMET AD capitalizes the 2008 profit
will capitalize 100% of its 2008 profit without allocation of dividends. The General Meeting of Shareholders of the Company made this decision at a session held on 26.06.2009. The 2008 profit is BGN 1.115 million.
Over the first quarter of 2009, ALCOMET AD realized net sales income of BGN 38.3 million and suffered loss of BGN 1.53 million as a result of the gas and economic crisis.

 09.09.2010 Alcomet AD with record-breaking monthly production and incomes since its foundation
For the first eight months of this year the production of Alcomet AD increased with 16 % and the incomes from sales –with 39 % on annual basis.
In August the production of Alcomet AD reached 4 544 t. as the incomes from sales are 23.22 million BGN.
This is the best result the Company achieves  since its beginning. For the first time in Alcomet’s history monthly produce of Extrusion products reaches 1520t. 
Comparing to the first 8 months of year 2009 the output of the plant  marks growth of 16%, and the incomes of sales  go up with 39 %.
In the second three months of 2010 the Company reports 44 % growth on annual basis, incomes from sales up to 57.9 million BGN and made net income of 1.8 million BGN.
For the first half of the year the growth in the sales is 32% on annual basis up to 103.3 million BGN  and the income reaches 3 million BGN.
The shares of Alcomet AD on БФБ went up with 4.1 % to 3.33 BGN per unit, which is an increase of 17% from the beginning of the year and growth with 44 % for the last 12 months.

 30.06.2010. We inform you about the following:
At the Regular General meeting of 25.06.2010 the shareholders took a decision dividends amounting to 428 462.12 BGN to be distributed.
The Company’s shares are registered in the Central Depository AD, ISIN code BG 11ALSUAT14, like by names, with right to vote, dividend and liquidation stake every.
The Company’s capital is distributed in 17 952 959 numbers of shares with nominal value 1 /one / BGN each.
The gross value of the dividend of 1 share is 0, 0239 BGN.
The dividend is put on with a tax according to Article 104 of Statute for corporation profitability taxation and Article 38 Clause1 of Statute for income tax. The tax is definite with stake of 5% and the amount is not a subject of additional taxes.
The net value of the dividend of one share for receipt by the shareholders is 0.227 BGN.
According to the regulation of Article 115в-Clause1 the right to receive dividend have the persons, registered in the Central Depository as shareholders on the14-th day after the day of the General Meeting on which the Annual Financial report is accepted and the decision for profit distribution is taken. Article 115б is applied accordingly.
The date when the shareholder’s membership is appointed is 09.07.2010.
The dividend payment will be made with the assistance of the Central Depository on the basis of concluded contract.
The dividends of shareholders whose accounts for shares are not at Stock brokers will be paid in Alcomet AD at our head quarters, .Second Industrial Zone, Shumen.
The dividends of shareholders whose accounts for shares are at Stock brokers will be paid by the broker with the assistance of Central depository.
After the final term of payment all dividends for 2009 will be paid in cash from Alcomet AD, or by bank transfer only upon explicitе request. The address of Alcomet AD is Second Industrial Zone, 9700 Shumen.
Beginning date of payment of dividends- 16.08.2010
Final date of payment of dividends-30.09.2010
Phone for additional information – 054 858 695- working days 09.00-17.00.
Contact person Ivan Dinev, Director for connection with investors.

05.01.2011Alcomet AD - an Indisputable Leader in the Growth of Market Capitalization for 2010


Alcomet AD is an indisputable leader in the growth of market capitalization. The information is based on the figures from the Stock Exchange. Over the last year, the shares of Alcomet AD have increased with 103 % which is an unequalled achievement for the rest more liquid companies at BSE – Sofia.