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Production facilities

As part of a large-scale investment programme, over the last 10 years we spent 75 million euro in upgrading our production facilities increasing production output nearly four times.

The plant consists of three main production divisions:

Casting shop

Casting shop

Main equipment:
 4 melting furnaces and 6 automatic continuous casting lines, one tilting furnace and one Wagstaff Billet Caster.

Annual production capacity: 90000 tons.

Total investments: 28.644 mln. euro.

Rolling shop


Main equipment: 5 rolling mills, 2 tension-leveling lines, 5 slitting lines, 2 cut-to-length lines, 4 foil separators, 13 annealing furnaces.

Annual production capacity: 50000 tons.

Total investments: 31.575 mln. euro.

Extrusion shop

Extrusion shop

Main equipment: 4 presses, 3 furnaces for heat treatment, facilities for powder coating and anodizing, CNC machining center.

Annual production capacity: 22000 tons.

Total investments: 7.424 mln. euro.