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Водещият български производител на алуминиеви, пресови и валцови продукти.

Company profile

Alcomet AD is one of the leading manufacturers of rolled and extruded aluminium products in the Balkans and the only one of its kind in Bulgaria to house the production of both types of products. Benefitting from nearly 35 years of experience in the field of non-ferrous metallurgy, today we offer a large variety of foils, sheets, strips and profiles with total production capacity of 65000 tons per year.

Selected products

Container foil, also called lubricated foil, is used for the production of aluminium containers.

Aluminium finstock has a widespread application in modern HVAC systems.

Unique shapes that satisfy any customer’s expectation and demands.

Key features of the anodized products are increased hardness, attractive appearance and corrosion resistance.

Latest investments

Homogenization furnace

600-tons press

Automatic sawing machine

Latest news

Alcomet participates IPACK-IMA

Alcomet won an award for Best IT Project in the Industry field for 2017

Alcomet participated in a distinguished economics forum to the Competitiveness Council